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for online enrollment or to pay your dues follow the link to  B.O.T.A. international web site

for information you can contact us  at:

16 Boulevard Saint Assiscle
66000 Perpignan

Tel.: (33) 4 68 87 21 09

Fax: (33) 4 68 87 46 17


Dear Members and Friends,


Now that we have the means to do so, the Board of Stewards will be sending periodic email messages to all of you on a quarterly basis who have subscribed to this service. One of the purposes of these messages will be to express our deep gratitude to all who support the Work of the Order with their donations and gifts. For those of you who are not able to help support the Order financially, please know that your dedication and devotion to the teachings of Ageless Wisdom is a valuable support in and of itself.   Another purpose will be to inform you of the projects and plans we are working on and are envisioning for the future.  Below are some technical instructions that may be helpful in navigating the membership database and communicating with Builders of the Adytum either using the online database or email.    At this time the online database is only available in English. 

A.  How To Register Online

In the Aquarian Age it is appropriate for the Board of Stewards to make the inner workings of the Order more visible to the members. A very big project we have recently completed is a new online database which enables us to function more fully in the electronic realm and allows members to view and update their personal data in the membership database. Members with online accounts can correct personal data such as name changes, address changes, email address changes, and many more actions. Members can also pay dues and verify if their membership is active and submit exams. Members cannot correct Pronaos status. B.O.T.A. staff will be required to complete this task. Members do not have to be active members to open an online B.O.T.A. account but will not receive lessons until their membership dues are paid. 


1)      For New Members 

In order to join B.O.T.A. and receive lessons you can follow these instructions.

- Go to the web site address Click on Membership.
- A new page appears. At the right of this page, click on Enroll Now.
- A new page appears Builders of the Adytum Membership Enrollment. 
 Fill in the form for Personal Information. 

TYPE : single (one person) or duo (two persons living in the same household and receiving one set of lessons)

LANGUAGE : language preference for receiving the lessons.  Lessons are published in English, Spanish, French and German. 

NAME : first name / m (this space can be blank) / last name
ADDRESS 1 : first line of your address

APT/UNIT : number of your apartment

ADDRESS 2 : second line of your address (if necessary)






PHONE NUMBER : optional

DATE OF BIRTH : optional

GENDER : optional

 Click on Continue.

If you have selected Duo, a special page appears. It is necessary to fill this form with the personal information of the second person or the duo member.  After the personal information is complete, Click on Continue in the lower right hand corner.  This will display the Monthly Membership Fees. 

There are two buttons Go Back to return to the previous page and review personal information and Continue to go to the next page. Skip to instructions in item B. for Payment of Dues Online.


2)      For Existing B.O.T.A. Members 

In order to create an online account you can follow these instructions.

- Go to the website address Click on Membership.
- A new page appears. On the right side of the page, click on Register Existing Membership.
- Fill the form in the new page.

MEMBER ID : (your number ID):
NAME : (your first name and last name

PROVINCE : (your country)


 Click on Continue.

- A new page appears, Create Your Online Account.

USERNAME - it can be your name
PASSWORD - enter only letters and numbers



 Click on Continue.


- A new page appears. Registration CompleteYour registration is finished. You will receive a confirmation email. You have to click on the link in the email to validate your registration. Each time you want to enter in your account, you will have to enter your username and password.


B.  Payment of the dues online.
1. Enter in your account, Click on Make a Payment.

2. A new page appears.

Please select a payment option.
Membership Type means your member type (single or duo)
Monthly Dues 
how much you have to pay for one month
Pay - select from the list how much you want to pay.
Payment Terms - it concerns this particular payment.

 One time payment means that it concerns only this payment. It is the formula pre-select. You can also Automatic Renewal  is if you choose a regular withdraw with your bank card.
Click on Continue to go to the next page or on Cancel  to return to previous page or cancel payment.


3. A new page appears, Confirm Payment.

This page recapitulates what you have entered on the previous page and asks you to enter Continue for confirmation and to continue to next page or Go Back to return to the previous page and change your information.


4. A new page appears,  BOTA Membership Payment.

You have to complete this page. You can choose to pay using your credit bank. 


English members can also pay the dues at the B.O.T.A. office in Perpignan. (See contact information at end of note.)

Reminders by Email of Membership Expiration
In the past when the Order was much smaller, members received reminders in the mail when their membership dues were to expire. With the growth of the membership and the increase in the cost of postage this service was eliminated. Over the years the Board of Stewards has received many requests for reinstatement of this service as we all tend to forget to pay our membership dues on time. It was not possible to resume this service to members until now.


With the online membership database, we are now able to send reminders by email. You will receive two reminders, one on the 5th of the month and a second reminder on the 13th of the month. With these reminders, we all should be able to pay our membership dues online and not miss any of our lessons. It is necessary to have our membership account paid by the 25th of each month in order to be included in the next month's lesson mailing.

Email distribution of announcements
The Board of Stewards has received many requests from members to provide the distribution of announcements by email. This has been accomplished with the email distribution mewsletter. This email newsletter provides announcements of group activities, retreats, and other emails of special interest worldwide. Most messages are distributed in English but some messages will be distributed in Spanish, French, and German in addition to English. It is not necessary to be an active member of B.O.T.A. to sign up for this email newsletter.


Members and non members who wish to receive the announcements for one or more languages can sign up for this list at website, under Membership at the bottom of the page using Join Our Mailing List.  When a member wishes to unsubscribe from the email list, it can be done on the, website or respond with the unsubscribe feature included in the email announcement. A member who is unsubscribed is unsubscribed from all email lists.

Ordering Replacement Lessons
We have all misplaced, spilled coffee, or in some way unintentionally mutilated our lessons. One of the most useful services now provided by the B.O.T.A. Board of Stewards is the ability for members to order replacement lessons through the B.O.T.A. website.


To use this feature go to the, website then to the Membership page.  Click the Order Replacement Lessons in the lower right hand side of the menu.   A new page will open, Order Replacement Lessons.  At the bottom of the text box is an email link to office@bota.orgSend a request for your needed lessons by the email link.  After your request is received in the B.O.T.A. Headquarters and your eligibility to receive replacement lessons is verified, you will receive an email from B.O.T.A. Headquarters with the correct amount of the cost for the replacement lesson and the cost of the postage. This email will provide a link that will allow you to pay for your replacement lessons with a credit card using PayPal.  After confirmation of payment and eligibility to receive requested lessons, your replacement lessons will be mailed to you.

According to Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies, the lesson curriculum is by far the most important aspect of the work of Builders of the Adytum. The investment of time in review, meditation, and reflection required by the exams is time well spent in solidifying in our consciousness the principles presented in the lessons. The tests in the begining lessons may appear rather elementary.  The answers are easily found in a review of the texts of the lessons and even the more advanced lessons may have the answers to the test questions included in the lessons verbatim.   The real test is the incorporation of the Principles of Ageless Wisdom into the activities of our daily lives

With the transition to the online database, the procedure for the submission of exams has been revised. The email address is not functioning properly and has been closed as of  9-19-2010.  B.O.T.A. Headquarters  will no longer accept exams using this email address. European B.O.T.A. members may submit their exams using the online membership database, fax 00 33 4 68 87 46 17, mail their exams to  B.O.T.A., 16 Boulevard Saint Assicle, 66000 Perpignan or send exams by email to  If possible, it will be appreciated if the exams are submitted through the membership database using your personal membership account. Exams submitted in this way are immediately recorded as received

1)  Instructions for the Submission of Exams Using the B.O.T.A. Website 
Enter your personal account in the online database, and click on My Exams.  At the bottom right side of the page click on submit an exam.   A new page, Submit Exam, appears. 

You will be asked to check the I verify that the above information is included in the exam  that the following information is displayed at the top of your exam. This information is also needed for exams submitted by postal mail.

Full name used for membership

Member #

Name of course

Date of submission

Complete address, just as written on most recent lesson envelope, including country.

A drop-down menu allows you to choose from a list the name of the course for the exam you are submitting.     Click  Browse  and a file selection box appears to assist in locating the file on your computer containing the exam.  The exam must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), plain text (.txt) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf). To finish, click on Submit an exam.

If you have concerns or questions, contact information is listed below. 


Builders of the Adytum Europe
16, Boulevard Saint Assiscle, 66000 Perpignan, FRANCE
Phone: (33) 4 68 87 21 09
Fax: (33) 4 68 87 21 17


To you who reach for spiritual enlightenment,


The Staff and Board of Stewards