To Our Dear European Fratres and Sorores,

At the end of July of this year, our dear frater Michel Gobin will be taking a well-deserved retirement from operating the European office in Perpignan.

With his retirement, the Perpignan office will close. Michel’s administrative duties will be absorbed by the Los Angeles office. His service work will carry on through our worldwide network of dedicated volunteers who selflessly donate their time and energy in service to our Order.

With the closing of the office, we will establish a mailing address through which our European members may continue to correspond with their local leaders for European events and activities.

What will change for you, the European and African members? (updated)

Table of TAROT Correspondences






Signific. Gematria Astrology Alchemy
0  The Fool Yellow  E Aleph bull 1 Uranus Air
1  The  Magician Yellow  E Beth house 2 Mercury Mercury
2  The High Priestess Blue  G # Gimel camel 3 Moon Silver
3  The Empress Green  F # Daleth door 4 Venus Copper
4  The Emperor Red  C Heh window 5 Aries Fiery
5  The Hierophant Red-Orange  C # Vav hook 6 Taurus Earthy
6  The Lovers Orange  D Zaïn sword 7 Gemini Airy
7  The Chariot Orange- Yellow  D # Cheth fence 8 Cancer Watery
8  Strength Yellow  E
Teth serpent 9 Leo Fiery
9  The Hermit Yellow-Green  F Yod open hand 10 Virgo Earthy
10  The Wheel of Fortune Violet  A # Kaph closed hand 20 Jupiter Tin
11  Justice Green  F # Lamed ox goad 30 Libra Airy
12  The Hanged Man Blue  G # Mem water 40 Neptune Water
13  Death Blue-Green  G Nun fish 50 Scorpio Watery
14  Temperance Blue  G # Samekh prop 60 Sagittarius Fiery
15  The Devil Blue-Violet  A Ayin eye 70 Capricorn Earthy
16  The Tower Red  C Peh mouth 80 Mars Iron
17  The Star Violet  A # Tzaddi fish-hook 90 Aquarius Airy
18  The Moon Violet-Red  B Qoph back of  head 100 Pisces Watery
19  The Sun Orange  D Resh head 200 Sun Gold
20  Judgement Red  C Shin tooth 300 Pluto Fire
21  The World Blue-Violet  A Tav mark 400 Saturn Lead

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