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B.O.T.A., Builders of the Adytum
The Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Tarot

BOTA,Builders of the Adytum, an open door to qabalah and sacred Tarot Welcome, to the web pages of the european branch of B.O.T.A. ( also spelled BOTA or BotA) , they are dedicated to the activities in Europe and Africa. They also present you the studies and give you some highlights about the Tarot and the way it is used in the lessons of our curriculum.

 What is BOTA ?

The initials B.O.T.A.  stand for Builders of the Adytum, which is a fraternal traditional association founded by Paul Foster Case, followed and extended by Ann Davies. It is a spiritual organization dedicated to harmonization through the study and practice of the Western Mystery tradition. Builders of the Adytum offers graded lessons based on the mystical teachings and practices of the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Tarot.

B.O.T.A., Builders of the Adytum is an authentic Mystery School in the Western Tradition.

Its teachings are based on the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Tarot, and have been handed down from one group of initiates to another since ancient times. However, BOTA does not claim value on the grounds of being old, but because its instructions have met the tests of centuries of practical application.

Form and awareness evolve simultaneously. Consequently, as evolution unfolds, all men and women will ultimately be possessed of higher levels of consciousness. Almost incomprehensible periods of time elapse before such changes occur. Yet acceleration is possible. Humanity is endowed with mental and physical faculties which can be trained to speed up the evolutionary process. This cultural forcing process has been the work of the Mystery Schools for many centuries. 

Higher Consciousness, Illumination, can be attained by learning theory and testing it in the rigors of daily life. These instructions and practical secrets constitute what is known as Ageless Wisdom. It is called ‘Ageless’ because it is not susceptible to the mutations of time. Ageless Wisdom is not primarily a product of human’s thinking. It is “written by God upon the face of nature,” and is always there for men and women of all epochs to read. 

BOTA, Builders of the Adytum, tarot and qabalaB.O.T.A. is an international, non-profit, teaching and training Order, whose headquarters have been in Los Angeles for the past 60 years.


B.O.T.A. 19 Av Italie, 75013 PARIS, FRANCE