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Builders of the Adytum
Equinox Message
March 2022



“If thou canst penetrate into the nature

Of the simplest thing,

There thou shalt find me.”

(Book of Tokens, The Meditation on HEH)


We hear talk that we are heading towards or are at the dawn of the Aquarian Age, a state of consciousness characterised by the experience of True Brotherhood. Many troubling questions arise in relation to the extreme situations we are experiencing in recent times.


It may be appropriate then to ask the following question: What is the Fraternity that is being heralded?


Everyone will have an answer to this question, usually influenced by the ideas, images, thoughts and emotions that we have constructed over time based on the impressions that the senses report to us of the physical world and the interpretation that we have made of them by the education we have received, but the foundation of True Brotherhood is beyond any conjecture conditioned by the limited vision of the physical where the perception of separation, isolation and self-centredness prevails. In order to perceive True Brotherhood, it is necessary to free ourselves from these conceptions in which we have been educated and begin to educate ourselves in a new model based on the fact that every thing or event we witness or experience is part of the Oneness of all Life.


To perceive is to see. In the Introduction to the Tarot lessons devoted to Key 4 it is stated that sight is the sense by which we regulate our lives and our world. The quality of our vision determines the course of our progress towards liberation. It adds that unless we imagine we do not really see.


If the imagination is conditioned by preconceptions of limitation the result we will have of our experience in life will also be limited and the interpretations we make of it will also be limited. True vision begins with a new education that enables us to construct a new imagery that has as its foundation the Oneness of all Life.


We now celebrate the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. Two expressions of the same force symbolised by the astrological signs of Aries and Libra.


Aries, associated with Key 4, The Emperor, is the symbol of order, reasoning and vision. Libra, associated with the Key 11, Justice, is the symbol of balance, education and action, ideas which are related to Karma.


A leisurely reading of both keys can lead us to a more accurate interpretation of how we can begin to educate ourselves to a new perception of the world around us.  If we accept that there is a cause behind every thing or event in order to maintain a cosmic order where everything is balanced on the basis of Oneness, we can meditate to find the reason or reasons that operate behind them and thus act to give an appropriate response in every situation.


In one of the practices with Key 4 it is suggested to start by tidying up our wardrobe, getting rid of everything we are not using or what is no longer useful to us, making room for new things. This practice is a small seed that can make us grow without limits if we take it to every aspect of our life and of course to our imaginative capacity. It can contribute to freeing us from the old upbringing, freeing us from the karma of the previous cycle and open the possibility to begin to perceive the True Brotherhood here on earth. As Paul Foster Case says: We can stop the ball in mid-course. This requires action, action based on a conscious perception of what is happening and conscious action to correct it.

Let us also remember that the well-being of the whole of humanity is the sum of the well-being of all its units and therefore requires the full development of the unity model in each individual. The way to encourage the Unity model to spread is to educate ourselves in the model through meditation. By doing so we not only get individual results, but we make it spread to more human beings by being united in mind through subconsciousness.


Far from any preconceived conception based on materialistic analyses of Fraternity, there is a perception of True Fraternity if we educate ourselves in the model of Unity that the force of Love sustains.


“I am the root of all action.

No work is anywhere performed whereof I am not the doer.


By action all things are determined,

And every action proceedeth from my grasp

Of every conditionof my self-manifestation.

No man accomplisheth anything of himself.

They are deluded who think otherwise.


Let thy meditation bring thee to rest in that Will.

Then in the midst of action shalt thou be at peace,

And in thy busiest hours shalt thou find the Eternal Worker

Doing all things well in thee.

Lo, I guide thee all the way.

Rest thou I me.

 (Book of Tokens, Meditation on LAMED)


May Peace be extended over the earth.


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