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The Moon





Corporeal Intelligence is attributed to Key 18. It means Body Consciousness, and is indicative that Illumination is dependent upon bodily states. Until the bodily organs are evolved to the extent that higher forms of consciousness can manifest through them it is impossible to experience such conscious states. Sleep is also attributed to this Key, and it is during sleep that our aspirations and efforts are built into organic structure. Every thought we think and every action has some modifying influence on bodily structure.


It is said that the way of attainment is the way of return. This is symbolized by the Moon, which reflects the rays of the sun back into the sun. The crawfish represents instinctive energy. The wolf and the dog represent the same energy, but in higher form, as the result of evolutionary modification. Also, the wolf is a symbol of nature and the dog of art because he is a product of human adaptation. The path passes between these two extremes, because the way of balance goes neither too far towards artificiality nor allows everything to be influenced by ungoverned natural impulses. The path leads through the well?tilled field to the unknown heights beyond the two towers representing present human attainments. The ground is undulatory, representing alternate periods of rest and action. The stage of unfoldment is Organization.



The Moon

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